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Ik wil mijn werk graag goed doen. Kwaliteit van zorg toetsen aan het naleven van regels heeft misschien voordelen omdat je dan iets hebt om te 'meten'. Maar in mijn dagelijks werk loop ik in toenemende mate aan tegen het gevaar ervan: dat aan het eind van de rit het enige dat werkelijk telt de belangen van de zorgverlener zelf zijn. En wat is dan nog 'goed doen'? Vragen hierbij en ideeēn hierover genoeg - lees maar.

zondag 1 mei 2011

English version of petition


So, after reading this whole post, go to: http://autonomezwangeren.petities.nl/  and use the following instructions at the end of this page. Pay especially attention to the fact that, when you've signed the petition, you receive a return mail from them to 'activate' your signature!

Text of petition:

The right of autonomous choice for birthing women in the Netherlands
The Dutch government is reducing the right of expecting women to choose the place of birth. 
Therefore, the entitlement of home birth is under threat. 
On the questionable advice of certain medical specialists, Mrs Edith Schippers, the Dutch minister of health has begun a process that reduces the ability of expecting women to make personal choices. 
By claiming that hospitalised birth is ‘safer’ for all women, dubious medical opinion is generating dissatisfaction amongst some women and fear in others.
The autocratic decisions being made by politicians are minimising the freedom and responsibility of individuals to make self-assessments of risk and the choice of home birth.
This petition is intended for the minister of health.

  • We demand the legal right to self-determination and responsibility for our own bodies and those of our unborn children.
  • We do not accept governmental decisions regarding the place of birth based on controversial, medical opinions that can be effectively challenged by scientific evidence.
  • We demand that governmental policies and health service organisation be based on  the needs and desires of expecting and birthing women, not the convenience of hospital based professionals.
Place of domicile
Sign the petition "Right to autonomous choice for expecting women.".
                                Yes, my name and place of domicile  may be viewed under the petition.
Your data will not be handed onto third parties and remain under the management of the Corporation Petitions.nl.

For more information read our Declaration of Privacy
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(For privacy details, read below:

Your privacy
Petities.nl only makes use of cookies during your visit to the site, is approachable for everyone and can be visited anonymously. We keep track of the internet addresses visiting the website. This information we only use to improve the website.
As required by law  your personal data are used only for the purpose you provided them for: the recipient of a petition gets a view into the list of signers to be able to check the petition or to get an impression of the supporters. The recipient also is allowed to take up personal contact with you, but in practice the recipient commutes only with the petitioner as spokesman(woman) of all signers.
If you sign anonymously your data disappear (except the time of signing) out of the data base after the petition is closed. If you indicated that you publicly support the petition, you name, place of domicile and title/description  remain in the data base to be viewed on the web. Should you later on no longer wish to have your signature visible on the web you can change that by means if the link in the e-mail you received to confirm your signature. After that it will take at least a week for the search machines to omit your signature from the search results.
When you sent a mail to the webmaster your e-mail is only used for correspondence having to do with your question, complaint or remark. You will not receive any impersonal information (like a newsletter), unless you yourself make a request for a newsletter.
When you sign a petition you will receive always three e-mails from info@petitions.nl:
  1. To confirm, within a few minutes until one day after signing.
  2. To announce that the petition is going to close and will be handed, weeks or months after you signed.
  3. To let you know the result of the petition, within six weeks after the handing over of the petition.
Besides that the petitioner may send news three times about progress of the petition via petitions.nl to those who stated to have no objections to that. You can notify your wish not to receive this by following the link in the first e-mail you received when confirming your signature. Should you no longer have that e-mail, you can retrieve it by signing the petition once more with exact the same e-mail address.)

After reading all this....
Go to 'autonomezwangeren.petities.nl',
sign the petition as explained here and then:
go to your email-'inbox',
open the mail you received from: webmaster@petities.nl
and click on the blue link that says: 
"U kunt uw ondertekening bevestigen door op deze link te klikken"

After that, your signature becomes legitimate on the petition!

Many thanks!!

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